1. About driving instructor grades

Approved driving instructors (ADIs) are regularly assessed on their instructional ability. During a normal lesson with a pupil, they’re assessed on how well they:

  • planned the lesson
  • manage risk to their pupil and other road users
  • use the best ways to help their pupil learn

2. Grade descriptions

Your instructor will have a grade from either the current grading system, or an older system. Any instructor with a grade from the old system will get a new grade the next time they’re assessed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. The current grading system has these levels.

Grade Score Description 

GRADE A 43 to 51 The instructor has shown a high standard of instruction.

GRADE B 31 to 42 The instructor has shown a satisfactory standard of instruction.

FAIL 0 to 30 The instructor’s performance is unsatisfactory