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When driving at night a variety of factors come into play, you will have to learn to deal with dazzling lights, judge your speed and distance, use your lights efficiently and effectively, these are just a few factors that we will teach you.



Driving on multiple-lane roads requires many different skills. It is important that your lane discipline is strict, your observations are sharp and your concentration levels are high.



Towns are often busy with lots of pedestrians, one way traffic systems and complicated junctions, and also rush hour traffic to take into consideration…Learn the skills to deal with these and more.



We can provide you with the ability and confidence to drive in all weather conditions. Whether it be foggy, raining, snowing, light or dark we will teach you the correct way to drive safely.



When driving on country roads you will come across a variety of hazards from farm traffic to potholes, sharp bends.



Motorways are different to other road conditions, we will teach you how to drive on them safely and correctly under expert tuition.



The Pass-Plus is a short course taken after you have passed your driving test. Any registered instructor can conduct the Pass-Plus course and as a reward, you will receive a discount on your car insurance from most insurers.

So what’s it all about?

The Pass-Plus course was developed by the Driving Standards Agency, the driving instruction industry and the insurers, to improve your driving skills in areas where you have had little or no practice. This in turn will reduce the risk of you being involved in an accident.

The main aim of the Pass-Plus course is to promote positive driving, to get you away from the ‘driving like a learner’ stereotype. It will also be your first introduction to motorway driving.

One of the key elements to the Pass-Plus course is making you realise that driving a car can be dangerous, so you need to gain experience quickly and safely. The best way to do this is through professional instruction.

Throughout the Pass-Plus course, your abilities will improve in two main areas:

  • Your attitude 
    • taking responsibility for your own actions
    • demonstrating care and consideration for other road users
  • Your skills 
    • observation
    • assessing what you have seen
    • making clear decisions
    • taking the correct action

Ultimately you will be able to drive in any road conditions, day or night, wet or dry, fast or slow. Maintaining full control of your car and showing consideration and awareness of others.

What is included in the Pass-Plus course?

The Pass-Plus course covers six modules:

  • Town Driving
  • All Weather Driving
  • Out of Town Driving and Rural Roads
  • Night Driving
  • Dual-Carriageway Driving
  • Motorway Driving

The entire length of the Pass-Plus course must not be shorter than six hours, although some modules will be longer than others. Parts of the course may also need to be covered in theory if a practical situation is not possible. i.e. you can’t drive in the rain on a nice sunny day. That can’t be planned, even by the greatest of driving instructors.

Who conducts the Pass-Plus course?

The best solution is to take the Pass-Plus course with the driving instructor who taught you to drive. However, if they are not registered for pass plus yet, they might be able to recommend another driving instructor who is.

Is there a test at the end?

No. The aim of the Pass-Plus course is to give you more experience. After six hours driving tuition, you will have been given a good basic introduction to everyday driving. What is important is that these skills have been learnt under professional tuition.

How do you claim the insurance discount?

Once you complete the Pass-Plus course, your driving instructor will give you a form to fill out. This form states what instruction you have received and that you performed at a suitably high standard. You then send this form to the Driving Standards Agency who will send you a pass plus certificate.

The Pass-Plus certificate can then be presented to your insurance company in exchange for a discount.

How much discount?

The amount of discount will vary from company to company ( will the price you pay for the pass plus course), but many companies are now allowing a one year no-claim bonus with your first year insurance. This could be as much as 20%. Shop around for the best deal before you sign.

Is there a time limit for completion of the Pass-Plus course?

Yes. You must complete the Pass-Plus course and apply for the certificate within 12 months of passing your driving test. My advice is to take the Pass-Plus course within the first month of passing – get the ball rolling, act now.